14 bar (200 psi) Pressure Gauge – 3.3mm x 37mm Needle – Single

Order Code: AG14-37-33-S

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Pressure (14 bar)
Needle Diameter
3.3 mm
Needle Length
37 mm (standard)

A SINGLE 0-14 bar (0-200 psi) pressure gauge, fitted with a 3.3mm diameter x 37mm long Binder-style insertion probe.

The pressure gauge has a 304 stainless steel case; a polycarbonate window; a 63mm dual-scale dial; and a full-size Bourdon tube with brass/bronze wetted parts. It is manufactured to BS EN 837-1:1998 and has an accuracy of +/- 1.6% full scale deflection.

The insertion probe has a brass body and a stainless steel needle. The knurled ring has a 3/8″ UNF female thread.

P.T.F.E. thread-sealant is applied to the joint between the gauge and the probe, thus creating a solid seal.

Offered as a useful toolkit addition for circumstances when system parameters might exceed the capabilities of the Comdronic meter being used:

  • Use a single gauge to estimate total system pressure [AC6-SP = max. 10 bar / AC6-HP = max. 20 bar].
  • Use a pair of gauges to estimate differential pressure across devices that might give very high readings such as pumps, chillers, strainers, etc. [AC6-SP = max. 200 kPa (2 bar) / AC6-HP = max. 600 kPa (6 bar)].

In order to help prevent any spikes in pressure from damaging the gauge, it is recommended that the nominal maximum working pressure should be no more than 10.0 bar.

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