All work is done in the UK with customer satisfaction our absolute priority

New Components

Strainers and all crucial internal o-ring seals are replaced

Valve Database

The on-board Valve Database is updated to the latest release

Firmware & Menus

Firmware and menu systems are updated to the latest versions

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

The handset is completely disassembled and all 'wet' parts are untrasonically cleaned

Service Options

Choose whether to return your handset (only) or your full carry case:

Handset Only Service

(For AC6, send in its rubber protector)

Handset & Carry Case Service

An as-received FUNCTION TEST test is performed on the handset
All 'wet' parts in the handset are ULTRASONICALLY CLEANED
All crucial O-RING SEALS in the handset are replaced
New STRAINERS are fitted in the handset's connection ports
The handset’s FIRMWARE is updated to the latest version
The handset’s MENU SYSTEM is updated to the latest version
The handset’s on-board VALVE DATABASE is updated to the latest version
The handset's ELECTRONICS are checked for proper function
All ENCLOSURE PARTS are closely inspected for excessive wear/damage
Any damaged/missing HANDSET LABELS are replaced
The handset is recalibrated and a CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE is prepared
Connection hose TUBING is closely inspected for damage/kinks
Connection hose CONNECTORS are lubricated and tested for leaks
Connection hose BALL VALVES are tested for any problems/leaks
BINDER-STYLE connection adaptors are pressure-tested to ensure integrity
Any damaged/missing CARRY CASE LABELS are replaced
A detailed QUOTATION will be provided, including any additional parts and/or work that may be required. And we will always seek your authority to proceed before anything becomes chargeable. For your complete peace-of-mind, although some work obviously needs to be done in order to be able to provide you with a FIRM quotation, there will be absolutely NO OBLIGATION for you to proceed.


£200 + VAT*

Plus return shipping


£250 + VAT*

Plus return shipping

*If it is less than 2 years since Comdronic last serviced/calibrated the handset and its security label is still in-tact, a 25% "Regular Servicing" discount will be applied to the above prices.

Examples of some additional, chargeable, parts are as below:

(Prices are net i.e. no "Regular Servicing" discount applies.)

PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD – PCBs have a useful life of around 6-8 years before normal, age-related, degradation starts to occur
£145.00 + VAT
PRESSURE-SENSOR – any blown; over-pressurised or excessively dirty sensors will need to be replaced for new
£80.00 + VAT
INTERNAL VALVE BLOCK – to replace a frost-damaged block
£50.00 + VAT
SCREEN – to replace a smashed or damaged screen
£50.00 + VAT