*IMPORTANT: If you are sending your instrument/s from outside the UK, you will need to declare a Commercial Value for the contents of your package for Customs purposes. For your information, we will accept the package – and pay the necessary duties/taxes – if the declared Commercial Value is no more than £50.00 GBP (per handset). NOTE: In extreme cases of a Commercial Value being over-stated, we will have no option but to refuse the package and advise the carrier to “Return-to-Sender”.

Turnaround times will depend on our workload at the time of receipt and the complexity of any repairs that may be required. But, as a general guide, a straightforward service & calibration normally takes 2 weeks. Please send instruments to:

Service Department
Comdronic Ltd
Unit 7 Alpha Terrace
West Road
Ipswich, Suffolk
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1473 715589   /   Email: enquiries@comdronic.co.uk