Straight-Pattern Binder Adaptor – 2.8mm x 41mm – Pair

Order Code: CA41-28-SP

£43.00 ex. VAT
Needle Diameter
2.8 mm
Needle Length
41 mm

A PAIR of straight-pattern, Binder-style, connection adaptors, complete with 2.8mm diameter x 41mm long needles.

These connection adaptors are offered as a useful addition to a commissioning engineer’s toolkit for fault-finding situations e.g. when no signal is being achieved from a balancing valve, despite the known presence of a flow. In these circumstances, the extra 4mm of insertion length can be used to test whether the rubber insert in a pressure-test-point has ‘slipped’ to a point whereby it can no longer be fully penetrated by a standard 37mm needle.

The insertion probe has a brass body and a stainless steel needle. The knurled ring has a 3/8″ UNF female thread to suit the corresponding male thread on a Binder-style pressure-test-point. Supplied with an O-ring fitted at the base of the needle to assist sealing on the pressure-test-point (effective needle length with O-ring fitted is circa 39.5mm).

The quick-release plug is nickel-plated brass and the Dowty washer is mild steel with a bonded nitrile seal.

Directly compatible with the quick-release coupling on all Comdronic connection tubes.

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